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Don't tax the rich - tell them they've got to spend it.

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

We have record levels of debt (nationally and globally) and the West is at war with the East once more. Central to this, yet again, is the decision to power our global economy predominantly on thick dinosaur juice we have had to drill from the Earth. This is objectionable because it is clearly finite.

So how then do we pay for all of this, the clearing up post-pandemic madness - the maintaining of defences, the preparing to avert the incoming climate catastrophe? Well, the long and medium term solutions are not necessarily for presentation now - but let me say this: The Reset, the Debt Jubilee is coming.

So what would I do between now and then?

Well, I wouldn't tax the rich or those with surplus cash to pay for it all because that stinks of taking away people's freedom, and boy do I love freedom. So, first I would pass a law telling them they, the rich, have to invest their money/spend their money wisely and for the best possible social good, and not for personal gain necessarily.

If you buy a good quality scythe to last your family - that is a social good.

You get me?

Don't tax the rich to pay for all this - just tell 'em they can't be hoarding coins.

(liquid assets limitation [cash at the bank] set to reasonably agreed amount considering projected income - and adjustable through reasonable mechanisms)

Where then will the money go? Crucially, the people with the cash to divest would have free choice - but we then have a responsibility to broadcast and appeal for what we want the money investing in, as the public.

One big pot would need to be:

The UK Energy Fund (independently held for now) for longterm investment and to protect the public from the global stresses of war and climate change;

Because - let's be frank - we cannot continue our reliance on these dinosaurs.

Second, there would need to be inflation control - price freezes for consumers and relief funds for businesses if hit by big external (nondom) shocks, external price rises.

Everybody then is left to get on as they can, as we are - and make sensible decisions as what is best for closest to home - for now.

This is all before the reset - and hypothetical academic wankery at this stage - for I am powerless.

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