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Abortion? Taking the Blur, Girls & Boys Approach

What are my thoughts on abortion, given the recent gross decision?

Please excuse my meanderings - I hope the sense in my answer is found. Thank you for your time.

For me, It comes down to what least distorts the Will of Go(d)d.

ASIDE - I prefer to write “God” like this because I think the traditional spelling conjures up the image of this “God” as being some all powerful and independent Man or Father – somewhere in the Sky. I think it is more complex than this, and I certainly think we should now be acknowledging that “God” must be equally Woman, if not more so.

ASIDE FROM ASIDE - After all, what is more “Godly” than having the ability to create life within you? Herein lies one of The Jealousies of Man, as directed towards Womankind and evidenced by the persisting patriarchy, man’s largely abusive treatment of women, and man’s general comparative idleness (each being expressions of Man’s position and abuse of power – going back to Adam).

Now before you atheists and feminists poo-poo the idea of “God” (you’re probably caught up on the Religions), or that I, a man, might have an opinion to offer on the matter – please first check this quick take:

(an opinion of mine)

On Abortion

An answer put simply by the negative:

The answer is NOT writing laws limiting our free will. The answer is never laws limiting our free will. NEVERMIND laws limiting the free will of women on this, the most sacred aspect of life. These are laws written through a patriarchal system, presenting distorted the view of the populous of the (NOT) United States of America. A populous seemingly brainwashed and obsessed by some absurd dick-swinging abstraction of the word of Jesus Christ, which is like a couple thousand years old……still clinging…..

See my coinage: Go(d)d’s Transverse Status – simply put, -- Go(d)d’s word through The Prophets can appear at odds with modern morality looking retrospectively, but rather we should see these depositions of Word as needed to be as they were and are so things come to be as they are, as we know them. Do you see?

Take The Bible’s stance on Homosexuality, for example. Had it been written that Jesus didn’t mind us Gays, then the world now would be drastically different, and I do not think it would be better. The argument stands that we have needed to work through complex issues such as homosexuality in the way we have. The strife therefore has been sadly an unavoidable consequence of the timeline of things, and how it has been best to deal with these matters, as decided by The Machine of Go(d)d (which is waaaaaay above my pay grade).

SO HOW then, in more complex terms, does our approach to abortion come down to a matter of what least distorts the Will of Go(d)d? To reach the answer on this, we must first work through various conclusions I have drawn having done much philosophical chewing and intuitive listening.

(N.B. Another opinion of mine is that free speech is vital – so stick your “you’re not qualified to talk on this shit” shit – [also see near the end] up your rear end)

I believe: -

i. We each express the Will of Go(d)d, for right and for wrong, for good and for evil – with the responsibility of the consequences resting ultimately with the individual.

ii. Yes, this individualistic view of the Will of Go(d)d is aggregated to create our societies, with the Will of Go(d)d being reflected in the common practices, norms, and (unfortunately) laws. The aim it seems of this cooperation is to advance the self and society (you’re a cunt if you focus on the former).

iii. But, all laws are a failure of common sense. By this I mean, if we all commonly knew how to behave and could trust one another to behave accordingly and without the risk of breach, then there would not be a need for laws.

The Devil is here, but we can work him out (if you see this as unrealistic optimism then you have too much devil within)/

Lawlessness is not some deluded impossibility. There can still be consequences felt without laws. Take Murder. We all know it, and not to do it – so why do we need a law? If someone does it – still trial by reasonable third parties, still rights removed – why does this law need to be written down? Expand from there.

I am not an Anarchist.

Norms should replace laws.

The Best Power is the Collective.

But before taking this logic and jumping straight to abortion, my argument is more complex than “laws and limiting freedoms in the name of Religion and the archaic Word of Go(d)d is bad”. Please also consider my understanding that:

iv. Go(d)d is all seeing, and to my mind Go(d)d achieves this through a complex organisation of Guardians on a spectrum from Angels to Demons. These, our ancestral link to The Other, The Spirit Realm.

ASIDE - This being where I believe we lose our “free will”, for it means we are simply then unwittingly manoeuvred through life really (depending on who is doing the heavy lifting – Big Up Nanny Ivy).

I mean, even if you are a black-box atheist running some sort of detached autopilot scheme, you still don’t have free will but back to that another time (in summary, it feels like you didn’t choose this life and you simply cannot do what you like so…..).

For this I rest on the experiential.

ASIDE - You cannot ask for scientific proof of the Spirit at this point in time, as it would break the illusion, The Will of Go(d)d, seemingly being that:

· You/We must necessarily be kept in a state of doubt at this time as to the existence of this “it”, The Other, Heaven etc; &

· That putting the present testing context aside, this “Other” cannot perhaps ever really be “known” definitively, for this would ruin life as we know it – as necessary for The Plan that is as yet unrevealed to us.

This is as with each of our own lives – we are necessarily in the dark otherwise it wouldn’t work) ---- BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

v. So, now we have an understanding of how Go(d)d might be all-seeing or omnipresent – you might now be better placed to re-evaluate any resistance to my claims about the operation of laws. You see, there is space for us to Leave it to Go(d)d.

Importantly, I include our “free will” within that.

By this I mean, let our consciences carry any child decidedly aborted. Allow your judgment at death.

We know laws don’t stop the thing they are designed to stop, like with the war on drugs – so where is the logic in using the blunt instrument of prohibition here? The only reason is because you cling to what people have said your Jesus said.

If alive today, do you really think he would be a homophobe? Do you think Jesus, the clear socialist, would be happy with the gross inequality of the “United” States of “America”?

Do you think he would be happy with the blatant lies? Do you really think he would prefer the State to limit freedoms so as to suppress our newfound sexual recklessness?

His approach would be to teach how best to ethically navigate these new found liberties, NOT BLINDLY AND BLUNTLY BAN.

After all, it’s pretty clear Jesus admired Mary Magdalene above all else, a woman and a sex worker – it’s chill.

vi. But before you sign off at the conclusion that I am trying to justify all this sacrilegiousness - please recognise that Life now is more complex than when the scriptures were written. We have since developed our civilisation such that women are seen as equal to men. A woman may now rightfully choose to prioritise a career over having a family. We have also had the marvellous advent of good quality contraception, and improvements in abortion safety.

All these things, since they have come into being, must then be the Will of Go(d)d and so we must interpret the fixed scriptures of old in an open-eyed manner in the face of the modern world, so that we may harmoniously adapt as it ever changes.

So if we accept:

1. it is best to approach abortion in a manner that least distorts the Will of Go(d)d; and that

2. we express the Will of Go(d)d in our every word and deed; and that

3. all laws, particularly those that limit freedoms, are a blunt and unhelpful; and so therefore

4. we are best leaving the decision as to whether to keep or abort a child in the hands of the woman who has received the miracle, for it to then be left on the conscience of the conceiving couple.

The BIG question then is,

(1) What do we think is the Will of Go(d)d?;

But, we must also consider: -

(2) How are we to use these new liberties and advancements, if we admit that the hardliner Christians must be wrong in their interpretation?;

And also

(3) How too are women, and men, to feel when a pregnancy appears, unplanned, unwanted even – as they turn towards abortion facilities?

Well, on (1) Surely it is that we seek moral sexual expression of love bringing conception. Find love, make a loving family. When Go(d)d blesses the family with a pregnancy, if the couple are good servants of Go(d)d, the pregnancy should be respected as a natural consequence and deemed necessarily given, and so the life harboured within should be cherish, despite circumstances. Life is hard, yes, but by the power of love and sex, a miracle has occurred. Yes, this can happen in the modern world even when precautions are taken, but I suppose the point is, heterosexual vaginal intercourse should be taken seriously. That, is undeniably the Will of Go(d)d.

But also – it is clear that this Go(d)d now wants us to have a good time.

So, on to (2) & (3) above, I suppose the difficulty we face as humans (with agency and the importantly upheld illusion of free), is knowing how best to tread this line - the line between our newly permitted hedonism, and heedlessness.

This then, must be where the conclusion comes in.

First, let me just say that I have first hand experience of going through an abortion with a girlfriend. We were young and contraception failed us. Even the abortion pill failed us. Parenthood was simply NOT an option, but the Spirit was certainly making us aware of the significance.

My conclusion is that we must accept that life is now more complex than it was in Jesus’ day, irreversibly so, and considering Go(d)d’s Transverse Status (as referenced above) alongside the futile and repugnant nature of laws limiting freedom – I hope you can see where I am going. OVERTURNING ROE V WADE IS FUCKING WAR STARTING BULLSHIT YOU CUNTS.

In essence, heterosexual vaginal sex must be taken seriously. Even if precautions are taken, remember you may still conceive – whatever the circumstances this is then, to my mind, a test sent by Go(d)d. New Life is Always a Blessing.

There are consequences and if those consequences are unwanted – for me these pregnancies are clearly signs or warnings sent by the Spirit to test us – to wake us up – perhaps to help us make a decision that was otherwise unclear.

ASIDE - considering all time - all the life and unfortunate death - along side the sense of reincarnation (which is plainly evident in the Bible at the end) - the value of foetal life pails into insignificance in the context of Go(d)d.

And with that – I say – if I may – OVER(ies) to you WOMEN.

Also here’s a line or two:

Girls who are boys Who like boys to be girls Who do boys like they're girls Who do girls like they're boys Always should be someone you really love

by Blur, Girls & Boys

That last line, if childbirth is involved.



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