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 I am not a fully qualified and regulated solicitor. I am no cowboy either.

I'm a state school boy that easily read Law at Oxford. After choosing to leave professional rugby, I then completed the Post-Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, sponsored by a top international law firm. 

In that time, my frustrations with the state of the world and our systems of organisation led to a decision to halt my legal career before qualification, on the grounds of being a conscientious objector.

I have since worked in-house within the litigation team of a high-profile businessman, and subsequently as a legal consultant for a local conglomerate, working across a variety of projects. Recently I have been helping a high-street practice during a busy time for the residential property market.

In summary, I have the capacity, the knowledge and the skills to help you - and I'll cost you a fraction of the price. 



A fresh perspective can give sight to issues and bring about fruitful resolutions.

Trust my brain to unpick the knots in your venture so you can move forward pulling cleanly.

Contact me today!



With closeness comes friction. Disputes are inevitable in all realms of life.


No matter the nature of your disagreement, with true perception, communication and reason - I can help settle the matter without going to court.



Proof Reading
/ Drafting

I have read and read. I have written and written. I am a master of the English language and a creative too.

Allow me to cast my eagle eye over your project or legal document. Get my help here




The law touches everything you do as an individual and business.

Please Contact me if you would like assistance ensuring your operations are within the law.


Communication is Understanding



Craig Willis
Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Player

Sam helped me hugely in my efforts to complete my degree alongside full-time rugby, he proof read and guided me through various assignments. As a former team mate I can vouch for his dependability and meticulous attention to detail.

Drop me your details:

With the following I'll be eager to contact you to make arrangements, and promise on my heart not to SPAM.

Thanks for expressing interest in working with me. I have your details and will be in touch shortly. Please do not hesistate to CONTACT ME
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