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Soar like an EAGLE

I love working with children - it's worth it for those moments, where synapses connect with sight of truth and understanding. That's a step forward. That's growth.

With the positive actions and thoughts I have for you, or your team or loved one, we can see gains in

mind - body - soul, together. 

10+ years gym experience

3+ years top flight professional

I've held roles working with children from the extremely disadvantaged
to the extremely privileged

Clear DBS Check ✓




Eagles are prey to no-one. They are independent. Lord of the skies. They fly, strong. They wait patiently. They see well. A little heard song: 

From retiring from Premiership rugby to jettisoning a top legal career - to pursue my dream: Everyone telling me I'm crazy.

Struggles, Battles, Troubles, Bubbles Burst, a continued Thirst, all for First.

Fly, look inward with me, Glide, look outward with me, Shine and Seize upon your potential with me. 

Growth starts with self-reflection


Parent of
Stafford Rugby Club member

My son has been working with Sam Egerton for the past 5 months. During that time Sam has taken him from being an enthusiastic 16 year old with 'potential' to a real talent, winning 'man of the match' awards in each game he has played so far this season, hopefully, with more to follow.

When Sam started working with my son he quickly identified a number of small technical faults in his game. These were quickly corrected and Sam introduced my son to a range of drills and practice routines which have helped him to develop the technical side of his game to the 'next level'.

Sam works on all aspects of the game - including the tactical, physical and mental sides.  His expertise,  love of the game and joy at helping others improve, make Sam an outstanding coach.  I feel so lucky that my son has been able to work with him and believe that with Sam's help my son will be able to fulfil his dream to play professional rugby and hopefully follow in Sam's footsteps and go on to wear an England jersey.

Drop me your details:

With the following I'll be eager to contact you to make arrangements, and promise on my heart not to SPAM.

Thanks for expressing interest in working with me. I have your details and will be in touch shortly. Please do not hesistate to CONTACT ME
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